• Medical Researcher Dr. Mark Dekutoski Moves Medicine Into the Future

  • Posted on June 25, 2017
  • As a medical researcher, Dr. Mark Dekutoski is one of the best ever. He has not just conducted many studies and written them up for medical journals, primarily in his area of orthopedic surgery, but he has also been an Associate Editor for the Journal of Spine Disorders and he has served on the editorial board for the Journal of Current Surgery. He even once edited a supplement for Spine, which is practically a bible for orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

    It is perhaps the breadth of his experience that has allowed Mark Dekutoski to take on a significant role in shaping the field of orthopedic spinal surgery. That is certainly one reason why the prestigious CORE Institute, which is based in Arizona, sought out Dr. Mark Dekutoski to have him join them. In addition to his impressive record in medical research, the people at Core also must have been impressed with his ability to treat patients with compassion, as well as his willingness to help orthopedic surgeons of the future get to where they need to be, using new and exciting methods to treat patients and doing so in a way that leads patients to a long, healthy life.

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